Blogging for Newbies

The internet is a vast place,

So how can you squeeze in there? In the age of up and coming new medias, especially social media, Blogs can be an exceptionally effective channel to reach to just about anyone with access to the internet.

Tell Me About Blogs..

I’m thinking back on my experience with blogging and what immediately came to mind was Xanga. Does anyone remember Xanga? It was a way of pouring all of my (at the time) seemingly eventful series of events throughout my tween years. However, I was unable to pull it up **hopefully** because it was buried alongside my Myspace in a grave that is my embarrassing participation to the internet during the early 2000’s.

I’ve moved on. This is my official start to blogging as a social media expert, which is where I ask myself, what defines a blog? (I should know this being a social media expert and all BUT for all intents and purposes..) Let’s take a look-

According to some googling, a blog is a website that is regularly updated by an individual or small group that is written in a conversational or informational style. Sounds about right. But perhaps better questions to ask are:

  • What makes a good blog?
  • How can I create a blog that catches and keeps people’s attention? F
  • or nonprofit organizations?
  • Health organizations? for blog

I’m going to hit two birds with one stone by using an example of an attention grabbing, informative blog of a health organization. Check out this example

*Notice how attractive the blog is at first glance. It is busy, but in an organized way in that you’ll immediately find what you’re looking for because you can search by topic which are BOLD  where you can be guided through relevant pictures and headings. They’re also visible// available outside the blog such as Facebook. vlogggg



  • A blog should be personable. It has it’s very own platform for a reason being because it isn’t just a website like Wikipedia or (random example) that are allowed to be plain and simple while informative. If you want audiences to actually appreciate a blog, make it attractive and lively!
  • Make the blog have a purpose. If entries are scatter-brained and inconsistant to a certain goal or topic then it’ll be confusing to follow.
  • When blogging for nonprofits, be the expert in that field and be of service to those who share the concern for your nonprofit organization.
  • Consider skim-readers. We all have this tendency so make entries easy to navigate.


Just remember, have fun with it! Your blog (depending on it’s purpose) is all YOURS. Make it your own. 



One thought on “Blogging for Newbies

  1. Claire,
    First and foremost, I love that you’ve incorporated your personality into your blog. It doesn’t read as just every other blog you come across. The little bits of your own experience with Xanga and myspace are a nice touch. It feels as though you are really talking to your audience, making it easier to read. Even your use of bolding, italicizing and striking through words are effective and quirky while being relevant to the content.
    Also, I think your post is simple in the best way. It’s nicely organized and flows easily.
    Overall, great job!


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