The Power of Facebook

Probably the most prevalent social media site for health promotion is Facebook. It is on this major social media networking site that about half the American population itself is a member of, that you can basically combine  Google and Yelp for a better customer- or in this case patient experience.

Aside from sharing videos of funny animal videos or posting pictures of you and your cats (or significant other and kids, whatever) Facebook has evolved into a platform that can enable an entire online community to partake in the the world of healthcare.

Nowadays, I am noticing an abundance of shared articles regarding mental illness and videos sharing personal stories from those who have suffered a medical trauma. Sharing health information on Facebook- this is new. But they are usually quite inspiring and often underutilized. It brings an online community together in a healthy way.

Another interesting plus- by sharing, it can almost be a subtle way of saying someone can relate to an issue. MADE UP example~

“John” shares link to a blog of one who suffers PTSD. John must have some knowledge of this, suffer from it himself or perhaps has someone close to him with it. Be nice to John when you see him next.

Maybe he can lend a helping hand in the near future.

Essentially, Facebook is becoming an entirely new platform with advanced search engines and sharing abilities like never before.

Facebook is basically a place where social media and healthcare marketing intersect


The reason being? Let’s not forget that unlike many apps and access to legitimate reviews, Facebook is free!

Also, Facebook is to thank for hundreds of nonprofit organizations and campaigns by spreading messages to the masses. Here’s how:

  • Share the organization. By sharing, Facebook allows you to write a limitless amount to accompany it.
  • Encourage friends to share as well. This means it can be shared to friends of friends, who you might otherwise not be able to share it with.
  • Gain the LIKES. Other than the power of Facebook, there’s also the power of likes.
  • Create Ads. Facebook is also a huge advertising platform. This enables the spreading of your organization.

Facebook has long been a platform in which people share their personal preferences which then can be clicked on to bring other Facebook users to a certain group, business page, company page, artist/band/public figure’s page, cause/community page, etc. It is there then that people, either fans, members of that community or previous patients can e provide feedback that is unfiltered and typically personally opinionated, which is really what patients are looking for. The truth from the people.




Here’s an example of some reviews from a Yoga studio I was interested in. Thanks, Joanna and Myron! Sounds like I’ll have to sign up with Sherry. Found their location and number on their page, I’ll reserve a spot for a class this week.


See how easy that was?! All thanks to Facebook’s search engine and my fellow Facebook users. I decided to check out Facebook’s healthcare community. I came across a healthcare organization that utilizes the power of Facebook very well.

I found Lumosity At the very top of the page you can see mutual friends who use Lumosity- Interesting! Each day Lumosity updates the fans, liker’s, and friends of their page with new tools and gadgets their company has come out with or are in the process of creating. They even go as far as to respond to people’s questions and comments:


After visiting this page, the power of Facebook prevails again. Throughout my timeline, ads for Luminosity and similar organizations appear suggested for me via advertisements and subtle tags.

Check it out!!


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