Calling all tweeters…

Twitter is no longer just for live updates via your opinions and stalking up on celebrity fueds. And it’s about time.

Twitters newest makeover is now more engaging than ever,fostering conversations and trending announcements all over the world including health concerns plus a huge area for nonprofits to advocate their organizations.

For all the twitter newbies, consider yourselves lucky! Now is the best time to get involved without getting completely overwhelmed by trending hashtags and all the other hooplah that comes along with this busy platform. Now you can create a twitter  account that allows you to filter your interests, entertainment preferences and even upload your contacts to see how your friends participate in this twitter-verse.

Like Facebook, Twitter is all about engagement

Here’s how to amplify your health organizations twitter account:

  1. twittttter**Keep your organization in mind. You’ll need a username, so make it noted that its accountable for the organization.
  2. twittttterLike Facebook and blogging, make your page personable and attractive. Make the picture and header photo relate to your organization.
  3. twittttterMake your description clear. This is where you state your mission. You’re only allowed 140 characters per tweet, so think of this as  a place to put your mission plan  unixwef.pngUNICEF chose a powerful tactic to get their current message across. Their header photo can hit audiences on a personal level and their description states their exact mission and goals.
  4. twittttterUtilize the tools Twitter offers: Tweet chat and twitter analytics are perfect for engaging with audiences and other health organizations as well as measuring and boosting your impact on twitter.
  5. twittttterYou saw this coming… HASHTAG! When not overdone, hashtags are incredibly helpful in curating your organization and can even get a topic or your organization trending.


  1. twittttter ^DO NOT go overboard on the hasthtags. It’s tacky and is a huge turnoff for people who are actually interested and passionate about getting involved with your organization.
  2. twittttterAdd context. Audiences are 35% more likely to click on and even retweet anything with a picture or video attached. Remember, even with the 140 character limit, people are still skimmers.
  3. twittttterThink about your audience, or in this case your followers and who you want to follow. Chose wisely and participate! Support other health organizations even if they aren’t similar to yours. At the end of the day, you both have a similar do-good goal.
  4. twittttterTweeting for your organization can be a task. Try to divide tasks among the organization:
  • Have a director who creates the tweets
  • A monitor to review the tweet and determine how to get it to attract audiences
  • A sender to send out the tweet during an ideal time > *According to Classyblog.com, Tweets between the hours of 8AM and 7PM spark more engagement*<
  • responder. Responses make the twitter more personal which is crucial. Respond to audiences or search keywords that relate to your organization and let them know you’re out there. when-should-i-post-this_52763ce22c530_w587

twittttter5. Keep audiences updated. What have you accomplished? What’s new? For example, if you’re health organization is representing breast cancer awareness, are survivor rates increasing? This will add credibility and novelty to your organization

Want an example?

Operation Smile is a nonprofit health organization that took to Twitter in 2009 to promote their services to help children repair cleft lips.

op smile.png

The profile summary is short and informing and their logo and header photo display what cause the organization is aimed at – children with cleft lips. Also notice the trending hashtag #RightToSmile which will bring you to hundreds of related tweets:right.png


^ Get in those Retweets!

Before you go…

As of 2015, Twitter also offers a new feature called Periscope which brands use to live stream video content directly from the organizations cellphones with announcements where users are able to interact and leave feedback. These short clips can be anything from announcing the release of a new product to how-to tutorials. Once again Twitter is enabling user accounts to feel more active and interactions more personal by discovering new things through the eyes of those around the world.

I can see your social media expertise growing already! Stay tuned 🙂


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