Health in a Snap!

So now that we’ve covered the heavy-hitters such as Facebook and Twitter that have transformed the way health organizations reach their audiences, now we’re on to Snapchat that is here to open an entirely new window for platforms to market. It has also reinvented the way mobile users share and live stream around the world which can help reach new audiences receptive to the newest, creative and clever way to market your organization. With more than 200 million active daily users,

Snapchat is the fastest growing social network to date. And it’s time you join them. How? Once again, you’ve come to the right place.


Before creating your Snapchat for your business, consider the demographics behind this booming new App~

  1. The average age of Snapchat users range from 13-26 so you’re looking at a much younger generation of users compared to the likes of Facebook and Pinterest

2. Snapchats are images and videos that are only able to be shown/opened for a quick time-span (1-10 seconds only, unless it is a Story which consists of those 1-10 second clips) and are only able to be recovered in the 24 hours following, if you do so choose that option.

3. There is now a Discover feature to Snapchat, which like Periscope shares moments happening live from around the globe in a column at the top of your feed ranging from CNN coverage and shortened articles from Mashable and Buzzfeed, video tutorials from Cosmopolitan which always incorporates health related issues.

4. Because of the  world-wide access to Snapchat and the featured live-stream stories, and geotags, potentially everyone has a chance to get their 10-seconds on fame for millions to see

data from social media examiner social media marketing industry report 2015

5. Only 2% of businesses market via Snapchat..but trust me, that’s a good thing. I’ll tell you why later

Now you’re in the know… Let’s put these tips to use!

  • Tailor your content to suite to your Generation X’s, Millennials and those involved with health organizations. So make it appealing- if you have a young, particularly charismatic member of you organization, see if they’ll volunteer for some selfie action.

If it’s a photo your organization is posting, make it a statement. If a volunteer or patient is comfortable with it, feature them to a live story in the area or just for your organization’s purpose and caption it with a fun statistic or some good news.*For nonprofits, this is the PERFECT time to market and to ask your audiences for help/donations! Make it friendly, inviting and fun!

2016-02-23 13_22_58-Start

For videos, show some behind the scenes action of something fun up-and coming event or create a give away special to the first user to respond to a question related to your organization. Making ‘A Day in the Life of…’ when a member of your oganization is going to be having an action packed day can show off how hands-on your organization is. Or with the filters and coloring feature make a contest for the most creative response to a snapchat.This will get audiences to engage with not just your organization but the difference faces behind it as well. 

With stories now being the most engaging aspect of Snapchat, order it in sequences to make it an actual story. Going off topic with unfamiliar scenes or anything that leaves off a caption can throw off your audience.

  • Timing doesn’t make for a setback on your posting routine! Your story will remain unopened on your feed until opened so it isn’t hidden on your timeline. Post away! Aim for snaps that go about your health organizations day as it would your everyday audience member. Morning coffee runs for your team in the morning? Show it! Group lunches downtown that features a Geo-tag? Snap it.
  • If you’ve got the connections, try to feature an ad for your organization or a related post/picture/video to a Discover story on Snapchat. This guarantees views
  • Take note of live stories going on in your snapchat discover feed. Create a snapchat that goes above and beyond to get Snapchats attention that your word is worth it
  • Because such a small percentage of businesses use Snapchat for marketing, nonprofit organizations can thrive without all the competition. Take advantage  and start snapping and collaborating stories to get your word out.
  • Show people how to add you and incorporate your Snapchat username on your other media Channels


Who to Add on Snapchat-

To see an organization that used Snapchat accurately, Bono’s AIDS fighting organization RED took to snapchat last year during Worlds Aids Day  which enabled users to show their support for the fight against AIDS.


All three filters allowed users to center themselves around the Geofilters and Geotags to show off their support. RED also partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation so that for every user that sent their snap to the live story, $3 was donated by their foundation.  See how they did it here.




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