Instagram might just be today’s most popular social media app given that there are over 300 million active users with Instagram accounts and as an article from Enveritas points out, there’s a very good chance our health organizations clients are active members as well. Given that 70 million photos are shared PER DAY, there’s also a solid chance that just about anyone and everyone has an key part in sharing especially if the content is informational and beneficial to peoples health.

One thing to remember about Instagram when considering the target audience for your organization is that a majority of its users are teenagers. This can be both difficult and beneficial . Typically with younger audiences, the ideal outcome is that they change unhealthy behaviors that they haven’t been used to adapting to therefore changing both attitude and beliefs are encouraged. This can be hard, but as long as you use strong visuals, promising statistics and catchy slogans, your message will more likely to be taken in given that creativity and media content are appealing to younger generations. On the plus side, as long as your organization is posting messages there won’t be the issue of it not being seen.

Also, remember the post a few weeks back about the importance of engagement on social media and how beneficial discussions can be? Good news! According to Social Media Experts at Hootsuite, Instagram’s per-follower engagement rate for top brands is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter making it the more successful option to post for your organization!

Image via Forrester


Before you start up your page (or even if you already have) here are some tips to keep in mind to make your Instagram both professional and eye-catching for your target audience:

  1. Keep it clean and use it in moderation

    – Always recall my post about ethics. Its understandable that businesses and organizations want to feel relatable to younger generations but keep this to a limited extent.  You know the anti-smoking Truth commercials that blare loud techno music and feature cute cats and trippy effects in a party-scene? Annoying, right? It’s almost as if this organization tries a bit too hard. Just because the younger generation tends to enjoy loud music and has developed a fascination with funny cats doesn’t mean they want that showcased for the world to judge. Make it a fun balance of relatable content and straight facts.

Let’s not go overboard here.

2. Develop Followers-

The more followers your organization can gather the better. This means getting more likes which a superficial as it sounds, will make your page and messages more credible. Also, with Instagrams popular page and following activity page users are able to see accounts and photos that they don’t follow, rather it shows that friends and popular accounts are liking and posting. This will cultivate organic traffic for your page as well as referral traffic. One way to gain followers is to get your messages trending using Hashtags

3. # It-

Hashtags are widely used on Instagram. They are essentially popular hyperlinks that bring users directly to your message or photos/videos associated with your organization. Popular hashtags include #MotivationalMonday #SelfieSunday , #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT), and basically anything you want to come up with. A fun little tip is to use the first letter of the day of the week to make a message out of. For example Wednesday could be a #Wear______Wednesday! Decide on a specific color or symbol for your organization to represent each Wednesday and encourage your followers to do the same and SHARE it.

4. Sharing is Caring-

Showing off your followers participating in your messages brings personality to your organization as well as showing appreciation for their support. It can also show other users what they’re missing out on. Creating fun rituals and showing off that engagement with users will make things personal and therefore might make people more inclined to react to your message.

American Heart Association does a great job promoting their messages on Instagram.

On the left it shows a  participant using a selfie, hashtag and a big heart pillow to show their support which the AHA re-posted to show off it’s fans and on the right they used a simple Monday tip for their daily post. How easy is that?

Displaying image.pngDisplaying image.pngfruiiiifruit.png


Good luck and share your most successful posts !


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