Pinterest- Start Bookmarking a Future.

Hop on Board , the Pinterest craze! In 2010 a group of web designers launched Pinterest, a photo and content sharing website that connected users (registration required which was easy to do through Facebook) to any and every type of content desired with a simple ‘Pin‘, which then is added to categories of Boards – “A Board… Continue reading Pinterest- Start Bookmarking a Future.


Calling all tweeters… Twitter is no longer just for live updates via your opinions and stalking up on celebrity fueds. And it’s about time. Twitters newest makeover is now more engaging than ever,fostering conversations and trending announcements all over the world including health concerns plus a huge area for nonprofits to advocate their organizations. For… Continue reading #TWEET4Health


The Power of Facebook Probably the most prevalent social media site for health promotion is Facebook. It is on this major social media networking site that about half the American population itself is a member of, that you can basically combine  Google and Yelp for a better customer- or in this case patient experience. Aside from… Continue reading Facebook