Pinterest- Start Bookmarking a Future.

Hop on Board bf.png, the Pinterestpin.gif craze!

In 2010 a group of web designers launched Pinterest, a photo and content sharing website that connected users (registration required which was easy to do through Facebook) to any and every type of content desired with a simple ‘Pin‘, which then is added to categories of Boards – “A Board of Intentions”- that can be accessed at any time. Whether it be photos of recipes for immune boosting recipes to fight a cold or a tutorial on how to master knitting a scarf, Pinterest will save it for you. Today Pinterest has joined the likes of the Internets top search engines as a way for users to shop, build, and create a desired lifestyle. What’s better than your Googles and Yahoo’s is that Pinterest filters searches into your personal interests. (P)interest- get it!?

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest does all the organizing for you while also allowing you to create different categories of boards to place the pins you can use to plan your future/accomplish your goals or pull up at another time.

Not into knitting or cooking not in your area of expertise? Not a problem. (Although Pinterest takes you to sites that virtually give you lists of what to get and step by step videos on what to do..just sayin’.) Pinterest is geared towards all types of social media users from everyday students to physicians, health organizations and even nonprofits.


As of late, Pinterest has become an extension platform for heath organizations to primp their image- literally. By sharing image hyperlinks  with users with similar tastes and interests, audiences can get endless visuals that by  simply clicking lead to informational content rather than skimming lengthy readings or seeing an Ad and having to do the work of going home and researching/following up on the organizations..if they even remember to.


For health organizations, it can be a  task to use Pinterest to an advantage due to the 30 billion Pins the site has mustered. Lucky for you, I’ve mastered the art of Pinterest-ing. And I’m happily willing to share:

*Gather your Audience-add

Pinterest connects with Facebook and Twitter, therefore you can start by easily starting up your organizations Pinterest from either.

Pinterest automatically links your followers so you can choose your audience from there. It will provide a list of ~

  • People you May Know
  • Who to Follow
  • Who to Invite for those who have not utilized Pinterest yet.* This is a perfect way to A) Inform audiences you are now an active member of Pinterest so they can access the content you share and B) Join to then Pin and share. *  Always partner up with other organizations to help them get their word out.

Now that you know your audience, keep these statistics in mind-

  • 87% of Pinterest users are Women
  • 12% of adults online use Pinterest
  • 75% of Pinterets traffic comes from mobile users using the app
  • Photos online are starting to come with a ‘Pin it’ app

With this information consider this…

  • Women are typically the head of the household that are making healthcare decisions. Make it attractive through a motherly aspect. So make it inviting and safe (don’t use any risky websites or any content with potential viruses attached)
  • Adults don’t need the flashy complicated visuals. Be professional while also appealing
  • Apps are made to give users easier access so don’t complicate them with the hassle of overwhelming their feed with too much text or distractions
  • Make sure you incorporate high-quality images and strong visuals so users are more inclined to share

* Pin with a Purpose-

Take advantage of the personal aspects Pinterest enables. So SHARE! Pinterest is filled with curious seekers so when sharing informative info-graphics or beneficial articles you’re telling users your purpose on here is to share helpful information in relation to your health organization rather than pinning pointless clutter that doesn’t reach with your audiences. Make sure whatever your organization pins demonstrates what your organization is about.

oprtss.png< See how health organization Operation Smile shares a photo of a current event that features their organization and how much attention it’s getting. Lights flashing, a carpet gala and celebrities?! This will get some attention.

Use the photo sharing abilities to your organizations advantage. Pin photos/videos of works in progress or pin your organizations Logo with a caption that encourages people to take a look.

Although it’s important to stay focused, it can help to occasionally stray from your organizations direct focus and share some other health related pins such as recipes, D.I.Y remedies, or good reads related to your organization. For example, if your organization/nonprofit centers around Diabetes prevention, share a diabetic-friendly food blog that gives recipes for alternative meals.

One particular nonprofit that utilizes Pinterest in a way that meets all expectations mentioned above is the Life Foundation, an organization aiming to end HIV/AIDS and help those who suffer.a9d.pngdfdhjj.png

The organization is organized into an array of different boards, each telling what information is in each. They have~

  • the events that share what their organization is up to
  • an informational board filled with infographics and statistics
  • Prevention board with updates on the organization and direct images related to their logo organization all together
  • A board that helps other nonprofits and social medias get their message out


Here are some their pins look like on an actual feed. Each contains brief bits of information below images that demonstrate family friendly topics and short but startling statistics.

I highly recommend Pinterest as a tool to boost a health organizations image. With it being the third most used social media, Pinterest is bound to reach the masses when used right! ^^^

Good luck!




One thought on “Pinterest- Start Bookmarking a Future.

  1. Claire,
    I really enjoyed your blog. I have a Pinterest but have used it maybe twice so I was interested to see how a health organization would use this form of social media. I think you did a great job of giving examples of how a health organization could use this social media site. My only suggestion would be to break up the first paragraph a little. Overall, really great content and pictures. The images helped first-timers understand what they would be seeing when getting a Pinterest.


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